1989 – 2009: Europe, Whole and Free

These are a couple of shots taken from an public photo exhibition we came across when we were in Budapest; embarrassingly, neither of us realised the importance of the date we were there.

The day before we saw this exhibition, Saturday June 27, we were more than a little put out by the fact that we couldn’t wander back to our apartment along the convenient route we’d taken earlier in the morning, nor were we able to check out a couple of other places we’d marked up in the guide book, having carefully plotted a rote designed to fit in as many sights as possible. Preventing us from maximising our short time there (aside from the incredible downpours that necessitated plenty of coffee and hot chocolate consumption) were a series of police cordons blocking off every single route into the main street. It looked pretty serious, and we contemplated the possible reasons for some time. That’s the thing about a country where it’s impossible to even guess at what the language means – we couldn’t even gauge if it was something good or something terrible.

What it was, in fact, was a parade to commemorate the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989 – and this photo exhibition was set up to exist for only a couple of days afterwards. I’ve since seen some much better pictures on Flickr, so if you’re interested, check them out.



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