Getting Out of My Brain

I am worried. After the initial excitement – which I do still have, of course! It’s fun to have a focussed creative outlet – I am now overwhelmed with the competitive edge/I’m-no-good-at-being-creative dialogue that constantly wracks my brain.

I have just seen photos of one of the other student’s font project and I feel sick (well, that may be an exaggeration). They’re amazing.

The brief this week? Choose a font. Asess your reaction to it and collate a list of adjectives that describe how it makes you feel. Choose a word that embodies these and illustrate that word using your chosen font. But make it 3D. I’m not short of ideas..but whether they are believable (whether it’s not just bullshit created after the fact), whether they will pass the test (there is no test), whether they are skillfully executed enough (we’re not learning techniques) is driving me mad.

I want to be good.

But maybe this is the problem. I am, yet again, my own worst enemy.


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