After two days in Swindon, I really need something to perk me up. I’ve chosen 1988. Advertisements

Just 17 Rocked*

When I was 13, Just Seventeen was my aspirational Bible. Following on from the recent assignments, I thought these deserved a mention all of their own. There are hundreds of Just Seventeen covers available online, but here’s a couple I especially like.

When I was 17 _ _ _ #2

Wow, that last post was a bit long. I’ll keep this one short: here’s the second idea I had for the brief. I’m missing a picture of the final piece, but it’s basically trimmed down to the just one girl in her pants protruding from the other’s head. Much prefer this one, becasue it’s much…

When I was 17 _ _ _ #1

Before I get to recalling the horrors of embarrassing myself last weekend at Borough Market, here’s what I’ve been up to this week for the illustration brief. Context  At our first class together, we were all given a photocopied piece of paper with When I was Seventeen _ _ _ written on it. We were asked…

Look Good & Be Fun

EVERYTHING should be packaged with Harmless Packaging.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to save the world and everything, but mostly I want the things in my life to i) look good and ii) be fun.  Imagine my surprise, then, when I picked up the November issue of Creative Review while waiting for the train on…