Best Music Video Ever?

Like most girls my age (sweeping generalisation, I know), I loved Jem. She was pretty awesome, after all. I was even lucky enough to have a Jem doll, complete with flashing earrings. A little bit of internet investigation has also revealed that my Jem doll – the 1986 Flash n’ Sizzle Jem – is one of the rarest! Obviously her earrings stopped flashing pretty soon after I started playing with her, and she’s now stuffed in a drawer at my parents house (and probably not that desirable to anyone except me).

Anyway, I’m not here to talk exclusively about Jem as she was, but Jem as she’s been re-imagined in the 2000s with this excellent editing of the 80s cartoon to retell the story of T.A.T.u’s All the Things She Said.


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  1. Trinity says:

    i cannot make it work!!! boo i wanna see a hologram lez!


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