Street Portraits

I hadn’t taken any photographs on my camera since January (I’ll tell you about the reasons another time), so last weekend I rectified that by spending a few hours on Brick Lane. I signed up for a City Academy workshop and it was a great springboard back into action: I basically wandered off by myself for a few hours and took as many pictures as I could. I have to admit that there wasn’t as much critique of everyone’s shots as I hoped there would be (I imagined us all returning to Rich Mix to view images on a bigger screen) but I’m glad I gave myself the appointment to get up and do something. Here’s a small (lofi) selection of the shots I took. I’ll hopefully be posting more soon.

Brick Lane is obviously a vibrant hubbub of London life, and a place where it’s impossible to not bump into plenty of colourful characters. I was drawn to people’s hair or really stand-out fabrics most of all, but on reflection I think it’s interesting that there’s something in each of these pictures that reminds me of myself (but whether or not others see that is another matter).


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  1. First, your spelling of rectified is much better than the original spelling and I am nominating your changes to Websters! Second, and on a seriouser note, are these just random people or friends that were with you? Because if they are random souls, there’s the seeds of something in these lofi returns to your camera. Keep it up. – JM


    1. Ha, thanks! My spelling is good but my typing is bad and it was corrected too late for social shares to pick up the new spelling. Oops. Hopefully Websters will like my flair for evolving the English language?

      And yes, they are all strangers. I did ask those who are looking directly into the camera, but I also didn’t give them too much chance to pose. I’d like to do more, for sure, so thanks for the positive feedback.


  2. Very nice pictures!


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