Not one to procrastinate when it comes to sharing timely updates on what I’ve been doing, now that it’s June, I thought I’d tell you about something I discovered back in January.

Feeling inspired to learn more about Hulafit (more about that another time), I signed up to the London Health Show. It’s mainly aimed at industry types, but being an ambitious amateur, I booked an afternoon off work and headed to Olympia. I didn’t really expect to come across a new skin care range, let alone have a nice chat with the founder, but that’s what happened when I spied the inconspicuous BRYT Skincare stand, like the skincare magpie that I am.

Truthfully, I wasn’t looking to try a new skin care range, nor did I have much money to spend, having passed over my skin to the care of Obagi (again, more on that later) and not wanting to risk the return of painful cysts and subsequent scarring.

However, what I was – and always am – looking for was an eye makeup remover that wouldn’t cause my eyes to look and feel like I’d accidentally used TCP. Yes, despite being numb to the effect of actually touching my eyeballs following years of contact lens use, my eyes cannot bear anything but the mildest concoction to go anywhere near them. Sadly, these supposedly-gentle formulas are often less-than-effective at removing my very modest eye makeup.

Also, I like bright colours and the promise of amazing skin, so OBVIOUSLY I was going to take a closer look.


(Wo)manning the stall was, unbeknownst to me, founder of BRYT skincare, Catkin Wemyss-Bodmer (take a moment to let that amazing name sink in), and she was genuinely delightful. It’s hard to come away empty handed when you’ve had a lovely chat with someone who is clearly extremely passionate about the products they’ve spent years developing, so explaining my predicament to her, I came away with BRYT Remove and a promise that I’d try more of the products in the future (which I did).

BRYT Remove

Warned that I may experience some mild stinging when I started using it (because my eyes are so sensitive, not because everyone experiences this), I proceeded with caution when I got into the bathroom that night. I’m now on my second bottle, thank you very much, so let that fact speak for itself.

Overall, I love this makeup remover. Somewhat unusually, it’s dispensed with a spray pump. I really like this because it’s kind of fun: after spraying a cotton pad and lightly pressing this over my eyes before gently sweeping it away, I follow with a little spritz over my face to remove light make up. It’s like using a functional water spray that smells a bit more interesting and actually removes makeup without causing any irritation. I have a tendency towards double-cleansing anyway, especially on those special Clarisonic nights.

The ingredients of BRYT Remove include alcohol, but I haven’t found this to be dehydrating or cause any tightness; the cleanser does quite the opposite. The balance between the alcohol and the oil (beware if you’re allergic to nuts, there’s almond oil – again, I’ll tell you the story about the bath I ran for the girl with a nut allergy another time), mean that the effect is actually very genetle and softening.

At around £11.50 for 100ml, it’s not the cheapest, but it definitely falls into the affordable-luxury category, especially when you consider how long it lasts. I’d rather buy one bottle of this than try several cheaper ones I just can’t use. If you have sensitive eyes or just want to try some eye makeup-removing luxury, give this a whirl.

And those other products I tried? They’re pretty good too, but I’ll tell you about them some other time – at this rate, expect an update in December…


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